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    Green production and application of rock wool insulation data

    Definition of rock wool
    A rock wool (rockwool) can understand a stone made of cotton. The discovery of rock wool is that after the first volcanic eruption on the island of Hawaii, the inhabitants of the island found a strand of soft rock on the ground, which is the rock wool fiber that began to be recognized by the human race. When the fiber is made into a plate, felt, or tubular material, it is endowed with excellent thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction.
    Rock wool VS other inion
    Asbestos (asbestos) is also a widely known fiber material. For ordinary people, "rock" and "stone" sounds very close to the two kinds of data in the There are plenty of people who, perhaps this cognitive error resulted in the negative impact on the wool industry, even caused some social contradictions. Recently, Nanjing Vanke "poison wall gate" thing that is a microcosm.
    Well, what is the difference between rock wool and asbestos? The essential difference between them is that rock wool, an amorphous man-made fiber, is a natural mineral fiber of crystalline form. Asbestos has some relatively good functions, such as abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, insulation and so on, and can not be replaced in some areas. But because asbestos fiber is crystalline, its fiber size is very small, its diameter is only one percent of the hair fiber, and the stability is good, can be suspended in air and water for several weeks. Asbestos, now recognized as harmful to human health, has been recognized as a carcinogen by the World Cancer Research Centre and banned in the field of building materials.
    Rock wool in green environmental protection energy saving category has played a major effect, because rock wool has excellent heat insulation function. Thermal conductivity is a major parameter to measure the adiabatic function of data. The smaller the thermal conductivity is, the better the insulation and heat preservation function will be. From this point of view, the insulation function of rock wool products is 40 times of reinforced concrete, 20 times of brick soil structure, 30 times of cement mortar, and 3~5 times of wood. In an image metaphor, that is, if the building uses a rock wool board to keep warm, just like the building put on cotton padded clothes.
    Quality status of rock wool products
    What kind of rock wool products are really called "green insulation materials"? "Green building evaluation skills guide" has now from the energy saving and emission reduction, safety, convenience and circulating on target rules, although there is no specialized rating agencies to conduct this evaluation of rock wool company and commodities, but the quality of the goods themselves are really rock wool is a measure of its is a "green" the main factors.

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