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    These strengths and features of rock wool sandwich panels, do you understand?

    Advantages of rock wool sandwich panels:
    Rock wool sandwich board gives full play to the function of rock wool core material, and has remarkable effect in fire prevention, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.
    1, fire protection function is good: rock wool sandwich board selection of raw materials, production technology and formula, so that it has excellent fire protection function. Experiments show that it has a fire resistance beyond 1000 degrees C. Rockwool sandwich panel has been arranged for GLOROANO S.P.A Italy prestige detection test, according to the world standard arrangement (ISO), British BS and German DIN Standard Specification, fire Yanmian sandwich panel with M.I14/09/61 Letter No. 91 and D.M.30/11/83 requests. The experimental results are as follows: 1) 50mm thick rock wool sandwich board, RE130 80mm thick rock wool sandwich board, REL60 100mm thick rock wool sandwich board, REL 120
    2, good thermal insulation: rockwool sandwich panel thermal insulation function is =0.043W/ square meters of K thermal conductivity based on the thickness of rock wool, cotton core material accounting obtained the corresponding share of the.
    3, sound absorption and heat insulation is remarkable:
    (1) sound insulation: the rock wool sandwich panel has significant attenuation effect on noise transmission, especially for the places where the designated flight passes. In addition, the choice of rock wool roof panels, rain, hail, the roof of the building steel plate impact, resulting in indoor noise is also significantly weakened. After the test, according to the ISO 717/82 and UNI 8270/7 specification, the density of 120kg/m rock wool sandwich board fand as a core material, sound insulation effect can reach RW=29-30 dB
    (2): acoustic attraction rockwool sandwich panel together with excellent, it can absorb a wide range of frequencies of sound. According to the ISO 35/85 specification, the sound absorption function of rock wool sandwich panel reaches DELTA LA=15.7dB (A)
    Rock wool sandwich board has its own characteristics:
    1, good rigidity: because the cotton core material with two layers of steel plates bonded into a whole, with the homework, in the house panel appearance wave pressure plus all its stiffness is far better than the pressure plate clamp (rockwool glass cotton field composite board). After the sandwich plate connection pieces and purlin fixed, greatly improving the roof of all steel, strengthen the roof all operation function. The rock wool sandwich board, can use larger purlin spacing, thus saving the amount of 1/3~2/3 purlin.
    2, buckle the method is reasonable: the roof of rock wool roof board adopts the method of button connection, which prevents the water leakage of the roof panel joint and saves the fittings consumption.
    3, setting reasonable fixed way: rock wool roof panel with special M6 tapping screws and purlin fixed, can be useful to the external force of resisting typhoon. The self tapping screw is arranged on the surface of the roof of the roof board, and the special waterproof structure is adopted to prevent the waterproof thin defects from occurring.
    4, short cycle device: rock wool sandwich board, because the scene without the two processing, not only can adhere to the surrounding environment is neat, does not affect the other process normally, and can greatly shorten the cycle of plate device, rock wool sandwich panels on uniform device area of 600~800 square meters.
    5, scratch maintenance: rock wool sandwich board production, can be posted on the surface of polyethylene pressure-sensitive adhesive film, in order to prevent delivery and device process, steel surface coating was scratched or wear.

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