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    What are the characteristics of high quality rock wool sandwich board?

    Rock wool sandwich board or composite board is a general term, and there are often many people who buy sandwich board / composite board on the Internet, there will be many different titles.. The rock wool sandwich board is a sandwich board made of rock wool as raw material. Rock wool sandwich panel gives full play to the unique properties of rock wool core material, and has remarkable effect in fire prevention, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation. Here we are talking about rock wool sandwich board, then for rock wool sandwich board, there are advantages and disadvantages, and what kind of rock wool sandwich board is high-quality sandwich board? What does he mean by what he should mean? Summarized the following three points: 1. as the core material of rock wool sandwich panels, such as foam, polystyrene (EPS); also known as rock wool, mineral wool or polyurethane (PU); these 3 categories. So many of the sandwich panels had understood or before purchasing such products, so generally search: foam sandwich panels; rockwool sandwich panel; polyurethane sandwich panel, or a lot of customers in the north are called composite board, that is the foam composite plate; composite rock wool board; polyurethane composite board. In fact, Hu made reference to the steel structure material design manual, found the most professional nouns should be: metal surface sandwich composite board, so professionals said metal surface polystyrene sandwich plate; metal surface rockwool sandwich composite plate; metal surface polyurethane sandwich composite board. 2. because of different uses of sandwich plates, it will cause a lot of people in search of such products called them: purification of sandwich plate; manual sandwich; sandwich plate oven drying room; sandwich panels; roofing sandwich panels; roof of corrugated sandwich board card; wall sandwich board; corrugated sandwich plate; rabbet type sandwich plate etc.. 3., because of the different metal surface material, of course, there will be different titles, such as stainless steel sandwich panels and galvanized or galvanized double side sandwich board. Such sandwich panels are generally used on equipment

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