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    Application and characteristics analysis of color steel sandwich panel

    I. Introduction of color steel sandwich panel
    Is the color steel sandwich panel with color coated plates for surface material, self extinguishing polystyrene, polyurethane, glass wool, rock wool as core material, lightweight building board with thermosetting rubber molding machine in continuous heating and pressurizing and compounding. Has the advantages of light weight (for concrete roof weight 1/20 ~ 1/30), insulation (the coefficient of heat conductivity, high construction speed (0.034W/mk) no wet, not the two time decoration, the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%), bright color (no surface decoration, color steel plate galvanized coating in the retention period 15- 30) features, is a set of bearing, thermal insulation, waterproof, decoration in one of the new type of envelope materials.
    Two, color steel sandwich panel features
    Light: square meters weight less than 14kg, can fully reduce the structural load, reduce the structural cost.
    Quick installation: the composite board is light in weight, spliced and free to cut, and it is easy to install. It can greatly improve efficiency and save time limit.
    Fire prevention: the color composite sandwich board of the surface materials and insulation materials for non combustible materials, fully meet the fire code requirements.
    Durability: a variety of studies show that, and more than 40 years abroad widely used to prove that: after a special coating of color steel plate, shelf life in 10~15 years, and every 10 years after spraying anti-corrosion coating, the plate life of more than 35 years.
    Beautiful: profiled steel plate, clear lines up to dozens of colors, can match any style of architectural needs, to achieve satisfactory results.
    Heat preservation and heat insulation: the common heat preservation materials of the composite board are: rock wool, glass fiber, cotton, polystyrene, polyurethane and so on. The thermal conductivity is low, and it has good insulation effect.
    High strength: the use of high strength as substrate (tensile strength 5600kg/cm2), coupled with the most advanced design and roll forming, with excellent structural characteristics
    Three. Application of sandwich panel
    The sandwich panels with different core materials and different plate types can be applied to different construction needs, including industrial buildings, public buildings, composite houses, purification projects and other construction fields.
    (1) industrial buildings and warehouses: sandwich panels are mainly used in roofing and exterior walls of industrial buildings and warehouses. Precast concrete slabs or asbestos sheets were used in the roofing of industrial buildings in the past. With the rapid development of lightweight steel structure, sandwich panels have replaced these 2 materials with many remarkable advantages. To provide better insulation effect at the same time, the light steel structure has the mature development of the sandwich plate with light steel system truly reflects the light, fast and efficient, flexible layout and a series of advantages, so in the construction of single plant currently has become the preferred solution. As for multi-storey industrial buildings, the roof can be made of sandwich panels besides roof roofs, and exterior walls can also be flexibly laid out by sandwich panels, so as to beautify the exterior of the building by changing colors and shapes of color coated boards. For industrial buildings with constant temperature and humidity requirements, the sandwich panels with better thermal performance than brick walls are used as enclosure materials, which can greatly save operating costs after completion.
    (2) public buildings: the sandwich plate can be mainly applied to a large space to the public building roofing and wall, such as: the mechanism, the station waiting or waiting hall, stadiums, theaters and auditoriums, exhibition hall and Exhibition Center, museum, etc.. Because of the public buildings need to provide more space, indoor air conditioning, fire and a series of industrial buildings than the higher requirements of the characteristics of the building adopts the grid (grid structure English Chinese Name: Name: spatial grid structure; space truss structure is defined by a plurality of rods: according to a certain form of a grid connected by nodes the space structure of large span covered. The application of water conservancy science and technology disciplines: (a subject); engineering mechanics, engineering structure, building materials (two subjects); Structural Engineering (water) (three subjects) or pipe truss roof structure form (refers to the use of circular rod in the end are connected with each other and lattice type structures. Nowadays, it is widely applied and economical and practical. Such as convention and Exhibition Center, sports venues or other large public buildings have been used. Therefore, the roof panel materials have higher requirements in light weight, thermal insulation and heat insulation, fire safety, waterproof, sound absorption, durability and so on.
    (3) composite houses: the built-up houses built with sandwich panels have been widely used, with a series of advantages, such as light quality, flexible combination, convenient and quick construction, no two decoration, easy removal and removal. Using the sandwich board to build housing add layer widely, because the city land shortage, many units and individuals in the hopes of not the original building under the precondition of large load, in the top of the house and built 1 houses, this is not the case in investment, both to expand the use area, to solve the original roof insulation and waterproof problem, while the advantages of sandwich board combined housing is fully meet the needs of users. The characteristics of the sandwich panel combination room which can be removed many times also make it widely used in temporary buildings. In addition, a large number of composite houses with sandwich panels are used in industrial buildings.
    (4) purification engineering: with the continuous progress of society, the electronic and pharmaceutical industries are developing rapidly. In these products manufacturing process, all of them need to provide cleaner production environment. Color coated sandwich plate because of its surface color coating plate is not easy to dust, easy to clean and fewer seams, so as the sandwich board interior wall and ceiling materials, is widely used in clean production requirements and work environment. Applications include the manufacture of electronic and computer products, medical supplies and pharmaceutical products

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