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    Metal materials and their characteristics in mould and mechanical processing

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    1, 45 - quality carbon structural steel, is the most commonly used medium carbon quenched and tempered steel.
    First characteristic: most commonly used medium carbon quenched and tempered steel, inductive mechanical function is outstanding, hardenability is low, water is easy to crack when quenching. Small parts should be treated by quenching and tempering, and large parts should be treated by normalizing. For example the use of: mainly used for making moving parts of high strength, such as turbine impeller, piston compressor. Shaft, gear, rack, worm, etc. Welding parts shall be preheated before welding and stress annealing shall be avoided after welding.
    2, Q235A (A3 steel) - the most commonly used carbon structural steel.
    Main features: high plasticity, patience and welding function, cold stamping function, as well as certain strength, good cold bending function. Application example: widely used in commonly requested parts and welded structures. Such as small tension rod, connecting rod, pin, shaft, screw, nut, ring, support, frame, building structure, bridge, etc..
    3, 40Cr - one of the most widely used steel grades, is alloy structural steel.
    Primary characteristic: Quenched and tempered, with excellent mechanical induction function, low temperature impact toughness and low notch sensitivity, hardenability outstanding, oil cooling can get higher fatigue strength, water cooling messy shape parts prone to crack, cold plastic medium, tempering or cutting after quenching and tempering, but welding is not good, easy to crack, should be preheated to 100 to 150 DEG C before welding, usually used in quenched and tempered condition, is also capable of carbonitriding and high-frequency quenching appearance. Application example: after quenching and tempering treatment for the production of medium speed and medium load parts, such as machine tools, gear shaft, worm gear, spline shaft, thimble sleeve, and high frequency quenching for appearance and making appearance of high hardness, wear-resistant parts, such as gear, shaft, shaft, crankshaft, shaft and sleeve, a pin, a connecting rod, screw nut, intake valve, after quenching and tempering for the production of heavy and medium impact parts, such as the oil pump rotor, slider, gear, shaft, collar, after quenching and low temperature tempering for parts making heavy load, low impact, abrasion resistance, such as worm shaft, shaft, ring. Carbonitriding is made after the transmission part of the larger scale and higher impact toughness at low temperature, such as axle, gear etc..
    4, HT150 - gray iron applications, for example: gear box, machine tool bed, box, hydraulic cylinder, pump body, valve body, flywheel, cylinder head, pulley, bearing cap, etc.
    5, 35 - all kinds of standard parts, fasteners commonly used materials
    First characteristic: the strength is appropriate, the plasticity is better, the cold plasticity is high, the weldability is passable. Partial upsetting and drawing under cold condition. Low hardenability, use of normalizing or quenching and tempering, for example: suitable for making small section parts, can accept larger load parts: such as crankshaft, lever, connecting rod, hook ring and so on, all kinds of standard parts, fasteners
    6, 65Mn - commonly used spring steel for example the use of small scale flat, round spring, spring, spring seat spring, also can make the spring ring, valve spring, clutch spring, brake spring, cold rolled spiral spring, Kahuang etc..
    7, 0Cr18Ni9 - the most commonly used stainless steel (US 304 steel, Japan steel SUS304) characteristics and application: machine screws as heat-resistant stainless steel is widely used, such as food equipment, usually chemical equipment, industrial equipment to the original
    8, Cr12: common cold die steel (D3 steel SKD1 steel America, Japan)
    Characteristics and applications: Cr12 steel is a widely used cold work die steel. It belongs to high carbon and high chromium steel. The steel has good hardenability and good wear resistance; because the carbon content of Cr12 steel as high as 2.3%, so the impact toughness is poor, fragile, and easy to form eutectic carbide uniformly; Cr12 steel with excellent resistance to wear, and more for the production of impact load smaller request high wear resistance of the cold die, punch, blanking die, die, die of cold upsetting kneading punch and die, drill sleeve, gauge, wire drawing die, stamping die, screw plate, drawing die and powder metallurgy cold pressing die
    9, DC53 used Japanese imports of cold steel properties and application of mold: high tolerance of cold working die steel, Japan Datong special steel (strain) steel manufacturers. High temperature tempering, with high hardness, high resistance, excellent wire cutting. For precision cold stamping die, drawing die, thread rolling mould, cold punching die, punch 10, SM45 - usually carbon plastic die steel (S45C steel of Japan)
    10, DCCr12MoV, compared with Cr12 steel. The domestic wear-resistant chromium steel with low carbon content, and add Mo and V carbide are improved, MO can reduce the carbide segregation and improve hardenability, V can refine the grain. This steel has high tolerance to add hardenability, section can completely harden under 400mm. In 300~400 C still adhere to the hardness and wear resistance is outstanding, Cr12 has high resistance, low volume change and quenching, high wear resistance and excellent mechanical function. So it can make up the section, all kinds of mold machining shape messy, suffered greater impact, for example, drawing die, punching die and die, blanking die, trimming die, Die Welt, wire drawing die, cold kneading mode, cold cutting scissors, circular saw, standard, measuring and so on.
    11, SKD11 - tolerance of chromium steel. Japan Hitachi production line. The improvement in steel forging technology, and refine the grains. A Cr12mov tolerance and wear resistance improved. The die is prolonged by life.
    12, D2 high carbon high chromium cold work, produced in the United States. With high hardenability and hardenability, wear resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance function, quenching and polishing after corrosion can be good, deion heat treatment

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