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    With strong technical force, professional design, advanced and complete equipment and rich management experience. The company has been established and has been engaged in the production and installation of various kinds of board rooms. It has been well received by the clients.

    Exhibition building is a kind of environmental protection and economic type activity room. The main business scope is: production and installation of movable rooms, low price demolition, all kinds of activities board room; all kinds of light construction, installation and so on.

    We are equipped with advanced, complete equipment, strict installation standards and testing methods, committed to providing customers with quality products, providing good faith and satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales service.

    Quality is the foundation of success and innovation is the source of development. Today, with the rapid development of China's economic construction, and with the increasing demand for quality of life, we hope to contribute a lot to the quality of human life. Build more safe and comfortable living room. Your demand is our service goal, the choice of exhibition Jian you have chosen a friend, let you save worry everywhere, rest assured.

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